What FLINK does

Letting your property?

Most agents will try to hook property hunters who are actively searching for a property like yours.  They do this by posting ads on portals like Rightmove and OnTheMarket.  

Trouble is, a single ad can only say so much.  It can't possibly appeal to all the different people who would be interested in your property.  And the person who'll be the best tenant may not even be actively looking right now.  


Find the tenants other agents don't

Not only do we showcase your property on all the usual portals.  But, we also use FLINK:  a unique technology that shares multiple ads for your property across social media, reaching all kinds of potential tenants.  Even those who didn't know they were ready to move.

By reaching hundreds more people who are interested in renting your property, we help you get better quality tenants, charge more for rent, get tenancies agreed faster, and prevent your property standing empty.