As winter approaches, it’s time to check your Landlord Insurance

As we edge ever closer to Christmas, the temperature has dropped, and winter is now just days away. Insurers are likely to see a spike in insurance claims over the colder months, whether that’s because of havoc caused by freezing pipes or storm damage.

Switching to a comprehensive specialist insurance policy should be considered to protect against the impact the wintry weather could cause to your rented home.

Freezing pipes and broken boilers
Much like a standard home insurance policy, specialist cover for landlords will usually protect against things like escape of water, or damaged water pipes.

However, particularly useful for landlords is that some polices may cover your boiler in the event it breaks down – although there may be some restrictions around the age of a boiler and appliances may need to have been serviced regularly, so do ensure you check the small print.

What if the home becomes uninhabitable?
In the event of a really catastrophic weather event, a specialist landlord policy may cover the costs of temporary emergency accommodation for your tenants if they’re unable to remain within the home.

And if the property has suffered significant damage and the tenant needs to move out altogether, then some policies will cover their rent whilst the property is restored.

Vacant homes
If you have a rental property which isn’t currently occupied, then it is important you read your policy documentation carefully.

Some insurance doesn’t provide cover if no-one has been living in the property for as little as 14 days unless you have done things like drained the water down and switched the water supply off.

Other policies can provide this cover for as much as 90 days, which is useful if there are renovations taking place.

Although holding specialist insurance as a landlord isn’t a legal requirement, some mortgages specify this. Speak to your local Darlows branch for more information about landlord insurance.