Benefits of building a driveway

Whatever your reason is for building a driveway, it can be an investment that ends up paying for itself. Its benefits go beyond just being a space to park your car every day.

Here are some reasons why driveways are becoming more and more common with properties and how yours can benefit from one.


Let’s face it, the main benefit of having a driveway is so that you have a spot (off the road) to park your car every day. It can also make a massive difference to those who live busy and stressful lives, especially when it’s so close to the house, making tasks like carrying in heavy objects or a round of shopping a lot easier.

And with better materials and products, driveways nowadays require minimal upkeep to be kept in a good condition.

Cheaper car insurance

Parking your car on a driveway is usually cheaper than parking it in a garage or on a road.

It’s tempting to tell your insurance company that you park on a driveway when in reality it’s on a road, but you will run the risk of them cancelling your insurance. They can check for themselves using Google Street View.

Lowers the risk of theft

Leaving your car on a driveway will deter thieves due to its close proximity to your property. Those that are parked on the road are more at risk, because in a lot of cases they aren’t in direct view of the owner and are hard to see at night.

For extra security (and greater peace of mind), you could implement further measures of protection, such as a security gate or motion detector lighting.

Boosted value and aesthetic

Virgin Money says that building a driveway can boost the value of your home by 5-10%.

It also boosts its overall look, as it’s the first thing a buyer will see when they visit your property.

Worried that a driveway won’t match the style of your home? Don’t be – there’s a great range of colours, textures and materials available to create something that will complement your home. This is an ideal direction to take when looking for something that will deliver a great first impression.

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