What does the future hold for portfolio landlords?

A cursory glance into the private rented sector could lead some to believe the world of buy-to-let is a tale of woe. Bleak headlines claim landlords are deterred from entering the market whilst suggestions some investors are apparently planning to sell-up will raise concern. However, rather than panicking, we’re recommending our landlords are pragmatic, and seek practical advice from professionals who can help optimise their portfolio. Indeed, far from experiencing dismal returns, many well-informed investors remain very positive about the health of the sector, particularly in the long-term.

With estimates that as many as 22% of households in the UK are privately rented and projections that this could increase to 25% by 2025, the sector remains on a continued growth trajectory. There may be challenges ahead, but these should not be unsurmountable.

Firstly, if you feel you may be impacted by any tax changes then you could benefit from speaking to an expert who can offer bespoke tax advice, tailored to you own personal situation. Specialist providers, Landlord Support Services invites landlords to speak to them about a range of different arrangement options that may be available, depending on their own circumstances.

Meanwhile, Darlows is also encouraging our multi-property landlords to allow our Investor Services Team to assess their entire portfolio to identify areas where cost and efficiency savings could be made. The free assessment service will take a holistic view of your portfolio. We understand that every landlord is different, and so we’ll work with you to establish your objectives and then take a detailed look at your portfolio and see whether we can help you more easily reach those objectives.

The Investor Services Team were set up to help make our landlords’ lives easier. Passionate about ensuring portfolios are working hard for our landlords (rather than the other way around) the dedicated team are experts at helping manage complex portfolios. For example, we could transfer all of your existing tenancy agreements into a single format, offering consistency across your tenancies. Meanwhile, savings could be made on management costs and other services.

However, we also create a single point of contact for landlords who choose a fully managed service. This means that across your portfolio, you only need to speak to one person. We’ll liaise with each individual branch on your behalf, and your personal advisor will keep you updated on any changes to your investment, as often as you choose.

We also invite you to join our Landlord Investment Club. Membership of the club is completely free, and is a superb way of helping you proactively manage and grow your investment portfolio.

Our national coverage, local knowledge model means that we often spot a real gem of a property that may prove to be a superb investment. We know the areas of the UK that are likely to enjoy property price growth, as well as identifying the next potential rental hot spot. We also enjoy relationships with several developers across the UK, and can secure exclusive discounts and offers.

If you feel you could benefit from any of the services that will help your portfolio achieve its full potential, then speak to our property investment expert Kate Hurles on 079 6012 0267 or email kate.hurles@darlows.co.uk