Keeping a pet-friendly home fresh


keeping a pet-friendly home fresh.jpg

Although your pet brings you lots of joy, you may be finding it hard to keep your home in a clean and fresh smelling state. If so, here are some tips on keeping your pet-friendly home fresh:

Controlling rogue pet fur

For all pet owners, finding fur in places like bed sheets and sofas isn’t uncommon, but you can keep it under control. Many breeds have long hair and can benefit from a regular trip to the groomer, but a more effective and cheaper alternative would be to give them a good daily brush. There are many brushes that suit different breeds, so speak to your local pet shop associate or groomer to find the right one for your pet.

Regarding any existing further on your clothes, sofas, car seats etc. look for a rubberised brush to deal with it; the brush builds up a static charge that clears up the hair – a sticky brush can work as well. A daily vacuum and/or a sweep will help fight pet fur as well.

Keeping the litter box fresh

Even if you have a fair few cats, keeping the litter box in a fresh state isn’t that difficult so long as you make it a daily task. Different types of litter are available to suit your situation. You can find variations that suit having multiple cats, as well as a type made up of crushed walnut shells and corn, which deodorizes and clumps effectively.

Also ensure you keep a container, covered tightly with a plastic bag liner near the box that you can dispose of every couple of days. Add 2-3 inches of fresh litter in the box and then completely replace the box every few months.

Unexpected ‘accidents’

One of the biggest issues pet owners face is dealing with unexpected accidents, either on their furniture or carpets. It’s important to clean them up as soon and as thoroughly as possible, not just because of the immediate smell, but because your pet will still be able to smell it themselves, which means they may return to commit this repeat offence!

Find cleaning products that deal specifically with pet stains and odours. Using an aerosol that you keep in the house may mask the smell for a while, but it will eventually return. One product we recommend is the Simple Solution Extreme Stain and Odour Remover.

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